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Wireless Sensor -

WR-3 applies state-of-art 433/868/900 MHz radio frequency wireless technology to ensure better performance for barrier penetration and achieving long range transmission. The ultra-long 400 meter transmission distance makes WR-3 a perfect gadget to help users monitor wind speed on crane/lift/towers and prevent accidents from high wind risks. Data transmit rate: every 2 seconds.

The sensors automatically send data when wind cups revolve. It goes to sleep mode when wind cups stop for more than 6 hours to save power consumption.

Handheld Receiver -

Large LCD display shows digital wind speed, temperature and beaufort chart clearly. Anti-slip rubber on two slides helps users hold the receiver in place during work. User-friendly interface and simple button design allow you to operate the device easily with only one hand.

Users can set wind threshold based on safety standards. When the wind exceeds wind threshold, an audible alarm will be triggered. The alarm will continue as long as high wind is detected. The alarm buzzer on top of the receiver can effectively warn users at the level of 90 dB.


Cable Free - Get rid of traditional cable-type anemometer. Avoid possible risks from machine operation. Scarlet WR-3 anemometer gives users a wireless wind monitoring solution.
Stay Alert - Never worries about high wind. Develop a safer working environment. WR-3 Anemometer sends automatic high-volume alarms based on user settings.
Power Saving - 3-years battery life of wind speed sensor in all weather conditions. The sensor is designed to use in rigid environments such as desert, ocean and mountains.

Low Power Consumption -

We use innovative low-power consumption wireless technology on WR-3. The battery power consumption is only 20-30 uA in normal condition and 35 mA peak current during data transmission. 3.6V Lithium battery with 2600 mAh capacity can run the sensor for 3 years.

3-years long battery life reduces the maintenance cost significantly. Low battery indicator on the display monitor will show up when battery capacity is lowered than 10%.
3 years Battery life 20-30 uA Consumption 2600 mAh Capacity 3.6 V Lithium battery

Low Power Consumption -

We use innovative low-power consumption wirless technology on WR-3. The battery power consumption is only 20-30 uA in normal condition and 35 mA peak current during data transmission. 3.6V Lithium battery with 2600 mAh capacity can run the sensor for 3 years.

3-years long battery life reduces the maintenance cost significantly. Low battery indicatior on the display monitor will show up when battery capacity is lowered than 10%.
  • Battery life:3years
  • Consumption:20-30uA
  • Capacity:2600mAh
  • Lithium battery:3.6V

Operating a crane in windy conditions
may create a potentially dangerous situation.

The best part of Scarlet’s solution is one sensor, connecting to unlimited numbers & types of receivers to notify anyone who cares about safety. All wireless.

Traditional cable solution wouldn’t work well. Scarlet Wireless Anemometer Series provide elegant solutions ranges from simple display (WR-3), data logger (WL-11) and full-fledged wireless alarming system (WL-410).
400m 80Floors
Transmission Distance

WR-3 is designed to be deployed & used easily

User can also configure the display receiver easily by pressing two buttons to select different units and measurements.

Applications & Industries

Scarlet wireless anemometers have been applied to varieties of industries for wind speed & direction monitoring. The risks associated with wind are often underestimated by the public. The Scarlet wind monitoring systems ensure workforce safety and regulatory compliance on cranes as well as other industries.


Fast and easily improve your everyday planning and decision making for your farm. You can employ it to measure wind speeds, determine growing locations and areas to erect wind generators. Also use anemometers to collect long term environmental data about an area. Apply our high level technologies to operate efficiently, save on input costs, and improve crop performance and productivity.


All construction project and especially high angle construction projects operates under wind risk. Monitoring wind speed and wind direction is a vital issue when it comes to safe operation of construction sites. It is a primary consideration to ensure worksite safety. Severe weather conditions can affect site safety straightforward with wind gusts and high wind speeds posing a deathful threat, especially for construction projects with open envelopes allowing wind to pass through construction projects.


Marine ports and terminals liability insurance covers a range of possibilities, including business interruption and losses or damage due to weather conditions. Wind speed direction can significantly affect the position of a ship or oil platform. Regulations require that the vessels record weather data, including wind speed on a regular basis, with data displayed continuously on the bridge. Scarlet offers a complete solutions when it comes to monitoring and recording wind speeds at ports ,harbors and all offshore applications like live wind gust.

Outdoor Events

When people come to play or perform in the great outdoors, the weather conditions often matters to our safety. Accurate wind data is required for both the build and setup process as well as during outdoor events. Monitoring of actual rigging loads, weight distribution and wind speed allows operators to make informed decisions regarding the stability of a structure.

Office Tower

Building skyscrapers is a common engineering project nowadays. Changeable climates also matters to workers at the construction site. Strong wind up there while under construction is a big threat for workers and might be fatal. Accurate wind speed and direction are essential in this kind of situation to prevent fall-related tragedy.


The rapid increase of offshore wind farm projects has given rise to the need for accurate, easy to use equipment to measure the wind on locations several kilometers from the coast. If installed offshore, the traditional mast equipped with anemometers requires a
large and heavy platform to sustain the weight and the size of the structure. Scarlet wireless anemometer is the best solution. It not only measures accurately but also reduce the burden by minimizing the size of the structure.

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Outdoor Events
  • Office Tower
  • Offshore


Wireless Anemometer Display Holder
  • Current, maximum & average wind speed (selectable averaging period)
  • Standard units (knots, m/s, km/h, mph)
  • Beaufor scale graph
  • Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degree
  • Wind chill
  • Sound alarm at exceeded wind speed
Wind Speed Measurement Range0.1...50 m/s
Wind Speed Accuracy+/- 2 %
Wind Speed Resolution0.1 m/s (under 9.9 m/s); 1 m/s (Above 10 m/s)
Units of Measurementm/s, km/h, knots, mph, Bf
Temperature Measurement Range-30....+60 °C, +/- 1 °C
Dimensions - Sensor240(H) x 187 mm (cup-to-cup diameter)
Dimensions - Display unit94 x 63 x 28 mm
Averaging period, selectable2s, 10s, 30s, 2min, 5min
Display updatingevery 2 seconds
Data transmissionevery 2 seconds
Measurement interval2 seconds
Transmission frequency868 MHz/ +10 dBm; 908 MHz, 922 MHz (requested by clients)
Battery - sensor1 x 3.6 V AA Lithium battery
Battery - display unit2 x 1.5 V AA
Mountingthe sensor mounts on a pipe with ø 20 mm diameter

Wind speed accuracy is +/- 3%. We guarantee every wind speed sensors is calibrated and tested before shipment.

The wireless module used on wind speed sensors only requires very low power consumption. The transmission power consumes 20-30 uA in normal condition and 35 mA peak current in every 2 seconds. The standard 3.6V Lithium battery (2400 mAh) can sustain the sensor for 4 years.

The transmission distance can reach as far as 400 meter in open space. The actual distance depends on the topology & obstacles. According to user experiences, the vertical transmission distance can be 200 meters in height. Harmonic disturbances are possible in theory, but so far we did not receive complaints about this.

Pairing between sensor & receiver is based on address. The address is labeled on the sensor body. User can set receiver address by setting menus. All WR-3 were paired and tested before shipping. If the text instruction is still not clear, please visit this YouTube link.

Yes. Users can connect unlimited numbers of receivers or combination of different types of receivers to one sensor (for example users can pair WR-3 sensors to WL-11 wireless wind logger).

Yes. We have bluetooth wireless anemometer for smartphoone (Android and iPhone) users. For more information, please visit our Smart Windy product page.

Third party certificate can be ordered on demand. The calibration certificate will be issued by SGS Lab.

Our Customers

What Our Clients Say

The Scarlet wireless anemometer WR-3 is the best wind speed meter I ever used in my career life. It makes my job much easier and I can monitor wind speed in my office under bad weather conditions.

John Leavy, Project Manager, Pittsburgh PA, USA

I have been using WR-3 on all the lifts in my company for the last 6 months and couldn’t be happier with their performances and high quality.

Hamid Bashir, Crane Manger Technical Department, DP World KSA

We are quite happy with Scarlet WR-3 wireless wind speed meter. It works perfect in our workshops. I highly recommend this wireless anemometer.

Hamid Bashir, Crane Manger Technical Department, DP World KSA



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