Heat Stress

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High temperatures to sear much of Central and Eastern Europe

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A “code red” weather warning was in place for central parts of the Czech Republic on July 30 while several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria, had significant [...]

Midday break inspections continue in UAE

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According to this decision which came into force on June 15 and will continue until mid-September, workers shall get a break every day between 12.30pm and 3pm. According to Maher [...]

Record-high temperature recorded in Shanghai

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The record temperature was recorded at a meteorological station in the city’s Xujiahui area, the municipal meteorological center said, adding that the temperature was the highest recorded in the 140 [...]

UK heat wave kills around 650 people in nine days: report

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London: Britain’s first prolonged heat wave in seven years has taken the country by surprise, with rails buckling, shops selling out of electric fans, and scientists estimating the surge in [...]

World Health Organization – How hot weather affects health

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WHO/Europe Warn Extreme Heat on Health Impact Heat can trigger exhaustion, confusion and even heart attacks, as well as worsen existing conditions, such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. […]